Bad Davao Taxi Driver!

Last rainy night around 10pm i was going to Bangkal to visit someone. I was irritated that night since around 10 taxi cabs drop by and they deny me a service. I feel embarrassed since i was already in the front seat seating and when the driver ask where i will be going – i said “sa Bangkal – Central Park”. Whats really pissing me off because its raining and im already soaking wet waiting for a taxi cabs.

This are some of the alibis:

  • “Sir mo garahe nako. pasensya na.” (wtf? gipasakay na gani ko)
  • “Sir hangtud sa Ecoland rako.”
  • “Sir sa Matina rako.”
  • “Sir gigutom naman ko, mukaon sa ko.”
  • “Sir padulong man ko sa Bajada dapit.”

To think i was already seating and hoping a good drive and safe delivery to my destination but heck! is this really the attitude of some Davao Taxi Driver? Last night was not the first time i encounter this kind of really bad taxi drivers. For more than 2years stay here in Davao i experience this usually at night.

I wonder if theres some protection to ordinary passengers like me against this tax drivers who is choosy to deliver their customer. Can i report this to police? or report to whom or what institution so this kind of drivers should be penalized. They should be stop driving a taxi. tsk!

I feel really bad.

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  1. tsk. yes, you could report it as i told you last night. Next time, don’t forget the taxi’s name, and the number of the taxi would be of big help too. I’ve had my fair share of this pain-in-the-ass situation.

  2. taxi cabs now have to ID’s 1 in front & 1 in the backseat you can dial 911 or as the mayor said call direct to his office.

  3. Hi Jun – Mayor Duterte is really mad about Taxi drivers acting like that! If you see is TV show on weekends, he already said that any taxi driver who does like that will have to deal with him personally. Next time, just tell the driver that you will be reporting his name to the Mayor’s office. I bet he will take you anywhere you want to go!

  4. Hi Bob – If this will happen again. I will surely report it to the police. And of course… my camera-enable cellphone is ready to take a shot on the ID taxi driver and it’s plate number.

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