2nd Student Advertising Congress

I received just this morning an invitation to 2nd Student Advertising Congress from my major subject – Entrepreneurship class Prof.Eding. The card says Aug.03 but it was now moved to Aug.24, 2007. I wonders what’s in here. Though i’m kinda excited since im now a business administration – major in entrepreneurship. I’m booted out of my Information Technology major *heh* (just have many failure).

Is there a blogger who also having this in their campus?




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  1. hi, in my hospital here in cebu, i have lots of friends with the same family name as you. i guess imo sila relatives, dr. jara is from iligan and most macarambons here in cebu are her relatives.

  2. hi this is jerr from usc -advertising cebu. i’m one of the student volunteer during the kick here in cebu. we are also the host of the kick off advertising congress last which was held in our campus last july 27. And i’ve been to the first advertising congress in manila last yr. i hope u will also enjoy the kick off.

    your also using the same ticket that we are also using here in cebu.
    i hope it will also be a success like here in cebu.

    enjoy the kick off.

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