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Moroism and Morology

moroism.jpgThis is the first time i encounter this word – Moroism. Maybe this refers to a Moro + Heroism? I’m not a hero or something but i can’t deny my identity as being a Moro. Theres still many Filipinos who doesn’t know about Moro or Bangsamoro and if this Moro people do exist in Mindanao. This is one the reason why i blog and create Moro-related websites so to inform that we exists.

On the other hand the term Morology was posted on Teng Mangansakan blog:

At a dinner last year, New York Times correspondent Carlos Conde coined the term ‘morology to refer to the study of Moro history, arts, culture, and politics when I told him my plan of coming up with a book on the subject. There will come a time that universities shall offer courses like Bachelor of Arts in Morology (AB Morology). Currently, Mindanao Studies is being offered in select universities in the region.

Experts on this field shall be called Morologists. Leading Morologists now are Datu Michael Mastura, Dr. Samuel Tan, Dr. Alunan Glang, and Prof. Abhoud Syed Lingga. (Morofilm)

Theres more term for Moro?

Hey hecky thanks for dropping and i’m glad you enjoy reading my blogs. See you in 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

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  1. ha.. ha.. ha.. thank you kapatid, you give me a niche idea, I think I’ll do a review on your blog.. this is a worthy of note to share with what, why, and how MOROISM show face in Mindanaw???

    keeping you in-touch, I’ll do a wakeup call… namaskar!

  2. Jun Jun

    @ Hecky – you sure you gonna review my blog? hehe. is this will be part of the contest review-a-blog contest?

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