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Blogshares – The Fantasy Blog Stock Market

If you wonder what kind of games i’m playing online religiously? its Blogshares! . Oh well its been i think almost a year i’m not playing this. Last year i was so freaking playing this everyday and its eating all my time. I got addicted with a stock market. Yeah it’s a fantasy been playing – sort of investing and putting up a corporation. The higher incoming links of your blog – the higher the prices of your stocks.

I was playing this since 20:35 29 Mar 2006 i created my blogshare account. Around this time i even subscribe to a Premium Account so i will have so many fun benefits like:

  • Unlimited transactions per day.
  • Access to a special Priority Queue for blog reindexing.
  • Watch Lists so you can monitor blogs for price and other changes. This includes email alerts.
  • Post press releases on your blog page and the BlogShares front page
  • Set helpful notes for individual blogs to help guide your investment decisions.
  • Listed in the Premium Members list.
  • A special button to display on your blog.
  • Access to special tools and data to help you manage your account.
  • Access to the Chips Market.
  • Ability to create your own Corporations.

During the times i was playing this – in just few months i was part of the top 100 players. I was one of the newbie players thats plays competitively against the old and top players. I got them by surprise since i’m not that intimidated even i was only a new player. Oh yeah i was quick selling mature stocks and buying premium stock at very low price. Thats one of the reason i have a networth now of – B$4,239,070,043,175.50. Thats 4 Trillions! w00t!

Currently im now at Overall Composite Rank of 267. The most wealthy players now has a networth of B$359,441,710,457,342.00. If im still be playing this until now i can maintain my top100 standings and even i can breach the top 50 and above. But i can’t keep up playing since i have many things to do and responsibilities.

I have to thank big time – Amadeus who helps me a lot about this game. One of the old players and real players to be feared in this game. He gives me a lot of tips and extended some extra-chips and B$ cash so i can play hard with big players. Thanks dude!.

You can’t double your assets really fast if your capital is low. You need big cash to play hard with the big players and quick buying of rare Ideas (items like bonds/securities – the more rare more expensive and ROI is BIG% and its per day! its kind of compound interest daily. hehe!) – of course you should be smart and quick or else you will lost all your investment in just few transactions. You should also watch for the fluctuation of Ideas prices. It’s not just buying and selling of stocks, you also have to analyze the current state of the market.

It’s been months now i’m not playing and i want to go back playing. If i have extra cash – i’ll get another Premium account for another year. Or hoping someone will gift me an upgrade. My ID is 45279 and 1yr Premium subscription is only 15$.

Why im playing this? I have real plan to join a real stock market. This game really gives you how it feels to play and invest. I learn some basic of stock market. Why this game? i’m not really fond of other online games like DOTA, Tantra, Ragnarok and etc.

And yeah… adding your blog here will give you an incoming link. Good for Search Engine Optimization. One reason why i listed my blogs here. I have good time playing and my sites will have good in SERPs :)

Wanna play?

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  1. SZ SZ

    A similar idea just with real cash prizes for winners.

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