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AFP Harassments in Sulu

I recieved an email from Adzfar Usman, MNLF Youth relayed to Samira Gutoc thru our YMPN yahoogroups. Heres the content:

Military ops still ongoing in the province(s) of Sulu, of course, in Basilan too. The worst thing is, instead of giving space to the civilians to harvest their fruits produce (now is harvest season), and despite of the appeal from the CSO’s and other government line agencies, thru the Peace Working Group of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, the ops is being intensified. and there were accusations from the civilians allegedly the military in the area were harvesting their fruits and stealing their livestock particularly chickens. This is in the upper part of Bato-bato in Indanan municipality. and this is maybe true also in some other parts of Sulu.

I hope through our little efforts, we can find ways how to stop this impunity against our people.

There always this kind of harrassments during wars. During the previous all-out wars of years 2000 and 2003 in Mindanao particularly in Lanao provinces, the military steals the spoils of war. The spoils – livestocks and belongings left by the residents fleeing to evacuation site or away from military operation. When the resident goes back to their respected houses their livestocks and important things in their houses were gone.

This is one of the many reasons i hate the AFP or Military. Yes i’m biased against military. They give us (Moro) to hate them. We the Moro Youth may it be from different organization like MNLF youth, MILF-Agency of Youth Affairs, Coalition of Moro Youth Movement, Bangsamoro Youth, League of Moro Youth, United Youth for Peace and Development (Unypad) and the lists goes on, will continue to find ways to guard our human rights and to put stop this impunity against our people.

Now the tension is high and a possible break-out of war in mindanao, we the Moro people again expect a harrassment like warrantless arrest and discriminations.

As i stay away the use of arm and so committed to “support the GRP-MILF peace process” while not abandoning our “aspiration that independence for the Bangsamoro people is the solution to the centuries-old conflict in Mindanao.” We the moro youth are using every peaceful means to achieve the Bangsamoro struggle for self-determination but if the AFP and the Government of the Filipinos are not hearing our prayers, hopes and dreams we the Moro Youth will not hesitate to take arms as last option. Arming ourselves to put stop the AFP harrassments.

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