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I got blogged!

I got blogged or my blog got reviewed for / Review-a-Blog Competition.

Hector Miñoza reviewed my Wyzemoro Blogs. It was really flattering and humble moments. I thought i will receive a criticism but its not. I got kind words from Hector. Thanks bai!

The review was really helpful to keep me going on my advocacy, its like being recharge or a fullcharge battery. I thought every Filipinos will hate me for my blogs tagline:

I’m NOT a Filipino, i’m a Proud Moro and these are my confessions, rants, reviews and reflections

But i’ve found Hector and hoping to see more the likes of him which are open to the idea of the Bangsamoro existence. If more likes of him, the elusive of peace in Mindanao is achievable and hopefully we can live in diversity.

See you at 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit. Shukran and Wassalam!

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  1. Jun Jun

    @ Jayce Ooi – Thanks! :)

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