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The 2007 Mindanao Blog Awards

mba-150.gifWe ( The Usual Suspect ) after how many meeting in planning/organizing for the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit also decided to have some blog awards to spice up the event.

And we come up with the 1st Mindanao Blog Awards.

The Mindanao Blog Awards aims to give recognition to the finest of weblogs of, in, or about Mindanao. What sets this Awards apart is its focus on content, and not on link popularity or search-engine ranking. Although such metrics will also be taken into account, the quality, consistency, relevance, depth and efficacy of a blog’s content will form the core of the criteria.

The Mindanao Blog Awards 2007, which is to be held as a culminating event of the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit, is the pioneering endeavor of a group of Mindanaoans who envision a more progressive Mindanao through their activities as bloggers.

In order to be considered for screening and nomination, blogs must be submitted and accepted into the Mindanao Blog Directory. More information regarding the Awards will be posted here in the very near future. In the meantime, the following are the initial Categories:

General Awards

  1. Best Advocacy Blog
    • the best blog that furthers a worthy cause
  2. Best Cultural Blog
    • the blog that best exemplifies Mindanao culture
  3. Best Current Events Blog
    • the best news & media blog
  4. Best Food & Drink Blog
    • the blog that has the most excellent features on cuisine
  5. Best Health & Fitness Blog
    • the best blog that discusses topics on health & fitness
  6. Best Personal Blog
    • this should be self-explanatory…
  7. Best Public Service Blog
    • the best from among blogs of public servants and elected officials
  8. Best Sports Blog
    • the #1 blog that talks about sports and athletic games
  9. Best Technology Blog
    • the best I.T.-related blog
  10. Best Travel & Tourism Blog
    • the blog that best showcases travelling and tourist destinations
    Proposed Criteria for the Above Categories:

  • content – 40%
  • focus / relevance – 10%
  • writing style / voice – 15%
  • language usage – 5%
  • design – 5%
  • popularity / ranking (Alexa, PR, Ratified, etc.) – 5%
  • recency (how updated the blog is) – 10%
  • XHTML/CSS compliance – 5%

Special Awards

  1. Best Designed Blog

    • theme & modifications – 50%
    • usage of visible plugins – 10%
    • recency – 10%
    • popularity / ranking – 5%
    • XHTML/CSS compliance – 25%
  2. Best Photo Blog

    • overall design – 20%
    • photography – 60%
    • recency – 10%
    • popularity / ranking – 5%
    • XHTML/CSS compliance – 5%
  3. Best Bisaya Blog

    • blog must be written in Visayan (Cebuano, Ilonggo…)
    • blog must be a member of
  4. Bloggers’ Choice Award
    • We’ll put up a voting booth for this soon…
  5. Best Blog of Mindanao

Please check back soon for updates! For your thoughts and suggestions, please use our Contact Form, or leave a comment right here. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. It’s good to know that Mindanao bloggers are slowly bonding together.

    Sana makatulong ang lahat sa ikauunlad ng Mindanao at pagtulong sa mga mahihirap.


  2. Jun Jun

    @ Al Jacinto – yes … i’m hopeful we could bond each other and live peacefully in diversity. Thru blogging we could promote peace.

  3. coolness! i never thought blogging can be this over-rated. just kidding. good luck. guess i’ll eventually join the group-hug next time you gather mindanaon bloggers. :-)

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