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Famous speech of Sultan Kudarat

The speech below is famous amongst us Moro people. This speech that awakens the prides of the Moro people that after this speech the moros fights under the leadership of Sultan Kudarat, a significant history that unites the Moro people to fight against the spaniards. A moment in the history of the Bangsamoro that proves we Moros are united in our struggle for self-determination and freedom.

The speech of Magindanaw Sultan Muhammad Di-Pertuan Qudarat was translated in the Spanish language by the famous Jesuit Father Francisco Combes who served as ambassador of the Spanish government to the court of the Magindanaw Sultan in Simway between the years 1645 to 1657. The speech was written in the book of Combes titled Historia de Mindanao y Jolo (Madrid, 1667 (Prologo of Wenceslao E. Retana dated March 19, 1897) Obra publicada en Madrid en 1667, y que ahora con la colaboracion del P. Pablo Pastells de la misma Compania, Saca Nuevamente A Luz W. E. Retana. Madrid: Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1897, (Retana edition), p.164). The speech runs as follows:

que aueis hecho, les dezia? Sabeis a que os ha de reducir la sujecion? A una trabajosa esclavitud a todos los Españoles. Bolued los ojos a las Naciones sujetas, mirad la miseria a que estan reducidas tan gloriosas Naciones. Mirad los Tagalos, y Bisayas. Sois vosotros mejores que ellos? O pensais, que los Españoles os tienen por mejores? No veis como qualquiera Español los atropella? No los veis cada dia obligados al remo, a las fabricas, y a los rigores de su execucion. Podreis sufrir, que un mesticillo os de de palos, que os arrebate los frutos de vuestro sudor? Pues ea sujetaos seruireis mañana a su boga, y yo por lo menos serne piloto, que es el mayor favor que hazen a los Principales. No os engañen sus dulces palabras, que todos los principios los facilita cl engaño, y hasta apoderarse del todo, se van passo a passo. Pensais que hicieron menores promessas a los Principales de otras Naciones, ni menos agassajos a los principios, hasta enseñorearse de todo. Ved aora ci caso que hazen dellos: mirad como a todos los lleuan por un rasero.

This speech of Sultan Qudarat was translated by the eminent Muslim scholar Dr. Cesar Adib Majul in his book Muslims in the Philippines (Quezon city: University of the Philippines Press, 1999 edition, pp.156-157) as follows:

What have you done? Do you realize what subjection would reduce you to? A toilsome under the Spaniards! Turn you’re your eyes to the subject nations and look at the misery to which such glorious nations had been reduced to. Look at the Tagalogs and Visayans! Are you better than they? Do you think that the Spaniards consider you of better stuff? Have you not seen how the Spaniards trample them under their feet? Do you not see every day how they are obliged to work at the oars and the factories with all their rigors? Can you tolerate anyone with a little Spaniards blood to beat you up and grasp the fruit of your labor? Allow yourselves to be subjects (today) and tomorrow you will be at the oars; I, at least will be a pilot, the biggest favor they will allow a chief. Do not let their sweet words deceive you; their promise facilitates their deceits, which, little by little, enable them to control everything. Reflect on however the minor promises to the chiefs of other nation were not honored until they became masters of them all. See now what is being done to these chiefs and how they are led by a rod.

Don’t we have a right to regain back our Independence?

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  1. I am deeply touched.This post moved me as a Mindanaoan. I may not have understood everything about what cause the Bangsamoro people are fighting for but I am beginning to understand.

    Don’t we have a right to regain back our Independence?

    Yes, you have. Yes, we have.

    Assalamu Alaikum!

  2. nagmalitong yawa nagmalitong yawa

    Independence from what I may ask?

  3. I always admire Sultan Kudarat as a Muslim hero. Of all the heroes I’ve known he is the most deserving to be called a “hero”.

    He was able to defend his people and religion against the foreign envaders.

    I wish somebody will publsh his biography.I love to know him more.

  4. Richard R.Bacaltos Pe Richard R.Bacaltos Pe

    very nationalistic patriotic theologian one nation to be proud of deprived all deceits to triumphs awakening to fight for our rights the hero of the Malay worth commemorating.

  5. Richard R.Bacaltos Pe Richard R.Bacaltos Pe

    we have to unite one race one nation one aspiration one dream one constitution one inspiration one flesh one blood a Filipino nation to carry on no matter what consequences or battle one destiny one God.

  6. Richard R. Bacaltos Pe Richard R. Bacaltos Pe

    Workout the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, ARR M, a self governing body for our Filipino Muslim brothers, your capital is l00 percent your income in the local government, with exception of the Armed Forces and monetary, in your field area let the government appoint your men, anyway you only share one forces, either the MNLF and MILF, pursue with vigor and energy the development of the autonomy, prove first your competency and technocracy to the world . your leadership is still unseen, unproven in self government, ununified and in distress , you may end up destroying each other , how many regions in the Philippines envy the autonomy, some kids to stage a war to gain one for them. How our leaders eliminate each other in our first Republic perhaps divine intercession we were train first. We do not want to be Cambodia where a half of their population perished in their struggle. We have experience that already before in our two fore in war. We pray for only one destiny.

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