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Fire Malu Fernandez, The Don Imus of The Philippines

Filipina Writer says Overseas Filipino Workers smell like air fresheners and other discriminating comments. This is the start of a campaign to boycott The Manila Standard and People Asia Magazine, until they issue apologies and Malu Fernandez is fired! The issue is about bigotry and discrimination in The Philippines.

Lets DIGG it!

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  1. at least don imus had his moments of pure hilarity.

  2. It seems that the pinoy blogosphere has united under a common hatred for one Malu Fernandez, a self-proclaimed “diva” who, by her own admission, needs 17 kg of makeup and accessories to look remotely human.
    More eloquent bloggers have already said their piece. There is nothing I can possibly add to further convince the world how big (and I mean that in the most literal sense) a nincompoop Manila Standard Today columnist Malu Fernandez really is.
    But oh, how she must love the attention – the most that she has gotten in her “illustrious” writing career. For who has heard of this Malu anyway? All signs indicate that she’s just a sad, lonely woman who gets kicks out of exaggerating the details of her so-called fabulous lifestyle and alleged wealth (what baffles me is why she can’t afford a freakin liposuction). Her insubstantial writing does nothing but magnify the emptiness of her life. If I don’t loathe her so much, I’d actually pity her.
    Much as I hated wasting precious hours of my time on this ugly pig, the psychologist in me needed some answers. As Gen puts it (somewhat mockingly, if I might add), I believe that people are inherently good. There must be something – anything – that explains her almost obscene bravado and reckless condescension.
    So, I googled her. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I wasn’t really surprised to find out that other than the barrage of hostile posts from enraged bloggers, there is absolutely no information available on the Malu Fernandez in question.
    Where are all the “friends” whose names she reverently drops between ill-conceived lines touting superficiality, vanity, and arrogance? Where are the members of the jet set class who found her deplorable article so funny? Where are all her politician relatives whose efforts, as she flippantly hints, absolve her of her unrepentant egocentricity? Where is her family?
    Why are they not defending one of their kind? Or are they too shamed by the idiotic ramblings of an insignificant, overeager “journalist” who regards elitism as some form of religion?
    When I showed the controversial article to Gen – the reluctant IS-bred, Melbourne-schooled member of the elite crowd, so reluctant that she actually wears a pair of Islander slippers in intercontinental flights (no kidding!) – she laughed at me for building up too much steam. In response to my incensed ranting, she only had this to say: “Yan, what’s economy class?”
    That comment would get Jojo all fired up, but that is so typically Genee. And if you know her as well as I do, you would know that her words translate to: “Who is this woman and who gave her the right?”
    (On that note, I can’t wait to read what Rodante Ondoy has to say about the subject.)
    If the editors of Manila Standard Today have any sense at all, they would fire Malu Fernandez asap. If only to salvage their credibility.
    If you were to believe Malu Fernandez, anyway, she hardly needs the few bucks that a local paper could scrape for her words of non-wisdom.
    Or maybe she does need the money to save up for a much-needed liposuction? One wonders. But one hardly cares.

  3. ATTENTION, all bloggers:

    perhaps we should create a BLOG ROADBLOCK?

    A “Roadblock” is the placement strategy used by advertisers to create a big buzz when launching a new campaign. For example, at exactly 8pm, of say, on Easter Sunday, all channels, from ch.2-5-7-9-23 would show the same TV commercial at exactly the same time, hence creating a roadblock… no matter where they go, the viewers see the same thing. It cannot be IGNORED. Even by media.

    We can do the same here, we of the thousand blogs!!!

    I also suggest that all of us bloggers put up the same Title and include a graphic (something like a “Fire Malu!” logo, Ghosbusters style) that we can all put up on our blogs simultaneously.

    Both the title and logo should show some restraint, as some of us are more reserved than the likes of myself, who gleefully put titles like “You’re Bacon, Bitch!!!” on my blog.

    I think we can come to a consensus here. Ideas? Suggestions? Artwork? please send me an e-mail: [email protected], or drop a line at

  4. like i said in other blogs, that acerbic wit will get the better of her, sooner or later. this is a clear lesson why mutual respect is important. i’d rather be famous in the blogosphere for being a cheapskate than the most hated writer. always watch your words, di na yun pwedeng bawiin.

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  6. Ako lang po Ako lang po

    Sometimes writers abuse the power of pen and ink and calls it “freedom of speech”. Once again, forgetting the purpose of responsible journalism: to write within moral, ethical, legal, and social acceptable framework. It seems that this Malu Fernandez thinks writing in a column gives her the ammunition to degrade and mock the majority of the society who are incapable of affording the luxuries in life. It is not only in one particular article that she manifests arrogance and ignorance, all her write-ups demonstrates her pure self adulation. She blatantly flaunts narcissisism and superficiality as she thrive to climb the high society ladder. What is appalling is; People Asia Magazine and Manila Standard actually allows this type of rubbish. They too are guilty of widening the gap between the rich and the poor by publishing the putrid air of wannabes and bigots upper class.

  7. Malu is making a bang on her own in the wrong way!

    Words are migher than sword as what she may be thinking. It’s not just choosing the proper idea! She just lost her integrity-a lifetime to carry!

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