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Morality and God and Religion.

Is Morality independent of what God says? Or our morality depends on what God says? Heres my take on this.

  • Morality is independent of what God says since morality is universal that does not belong to any religious institution. Religious institution with their God can’t impose nor set a standard moral norms to everyone.
  • It’s independent because not everyone believes in God nor everyone follows same and one God. With this situation morality can’t rely on what God says as people has different God and different moral norms for each of this religious institution.
  • Even theres no God for instance, human being has a universal acceptable norms of morality which it doesn’t follow God’s words or rely on Bible nor Quran to come up with acceptable morality to everyone to follow.

But does morality need religion as incentive for the moral life?

  • Yes, it could be an incentive. Where in religion, morality is been already written on religious scriptures and writings. This writing is helpful guide who wants to pursue a moral life.
  • Morality base on religion is sometimes been used as standard to have a moral life. But on the other hand you can always have a moral life even you don’t belong to any religion. What’s on the religion is i believe it’s proven effective to have a moral life since religion teaches more of being a morally correct human persons.

I have several friends who does believe in God but they don’t belong to any religious institution nor major religion in the world. For what they believe is, as long they do good things in this world, God will have mercy on them. What they see more important is they help people and don’t do bad against the humanity. Helping and serving the people is like a prayer to God.

If i depend and base my life’s morality on my religious institution for instance – Islam. I’m living an immoral life since sometimes i go drinking with friends. Drinking liquor or beer is forbidden because it distorts someones minds – getting drunk. So with my affiliations with Islam as should be my guide as a way of life, i should follow and give up drinking. Yes, someday and hopefully before Ramadan starts this year.

As much as i want to live a moral life, its hard since theres so many temptation in this crazy world.

Do you live in a moral life? does it depends on your Gods or not?

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  1. Athens Athens

    i think morality is based on what each individual perceives as right or wrong. in a religion based aspect religion a say this is good but to religion b it is forbidden. so you cant say who’s immoral or who’s moral (if they are still excisitng)

  2. Jun Jun

    @ Athens – yes theres a morality base on individuals. But theres still a universal morality. A universal morality that is acceptable to any tribes or race around the world or maybe alien that is independent to any religions.

    Morality on preserving ones life or the importance of life or the universality of Love. Theres still more sample of a morality that is universally accepted and has similarity between the major religions in this world.

  3. I agree that there are universal moral values. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to have organized religion. It only wreaks havoc in humanity. If you believe in God, then go ahead, do so, and nobody has any right to hinder you from doing so. But to impose one’s religious values on another would be evil (and I didn’t mean that to be religiously evil).

  4. Jun Jun

    Though its not necessary to be affiliated with religious institution to live a moral life but if your read in my posts theres an incentive.

    Yes i agree with you about imposing ones religion to others. Its immoral to do so. There should be no compulsion of religion.

  5. jeff jeff

    I think morality and religion are two different terms but one has importance to anther. morality is the quality of an act whether it is good or evil. i agree that there is such thing as universal standard for morality. in the same way in religion, there is satndards which its precepts are based. if there will be no moral standard there will be chaos since everything is permissible depending on the individual or society. nevertheless, morality is not from religion since there is what we called proximate norm of morality and that is our conscience.

  6. nagmalitong yawa nagmalitong yawa

    •Religion (or belief for that matter) has very much everything to do with what people think mostly of what is right and what is not right, consequently what is moral and what is not. So we can not blame religion for being so meshed up with morality.

    •morality is never absolute, at least in my opinion.

    •and i strongly disagree about religion “wreaking havoc in humanity.” Ideally, all religions are good. It’s the people that makes it bad. This world, even without religion, would pretty much be the same i believe. We would find other things to disagree with.

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