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Guerilla Filmmaking 5

guerilla.jpgRegistration is 3500 php for students, 5500 php for regular participant Workshop includes story development, screenwriting, cinematography, and directing. Registration is until october 5, 2007.

For inquiries, email Alchemy of Vision and Light Productions.

This Guerilla Filmmaking Workshop shows me a bit of the Film Industry particularly the struggle of Independent filmmakers. It gave me the opportunity to explore and learn the craft of film making in a short span of time.

It’s been 2years now since i join the Guerilla Filmmaking 3. The experience of being part of the film workshop, production crew and the Mindanao Film Festival is one of the memorable things i cherished.

Until now I’m still struggling to produced my own film, money matters as this is one of my problems during the days filming with my former workshop group – i was isolated and became minority since i can’t come up and share the expenses. I was totally down and hopeless.

Despite i don’t have money to rent equipments and to cover the expenses I’m still hopeful and positive i can come up with the money to produce my 1st film in the future. I have so many ideas in my mind but it’s useless if i can’t film it and realize my one of dream – to be a Film Director for the Bangsamoro people.

20182717523402l.jpg20182818313367l.jpgI highly recommend Guerilla Filmmaking Workshop if you don’t have money to enroll to a formal Film school which is so costly $$$$. It’s a worthy experience working with homegrown local talents and would be rising Independent filmmaker stars of Mindanao.

I’m looking for the Guerilla Filmmaking 5 and it’s output. Support the Film Industry and our local filmmakers. Big shout to Sir Dax Cañedo the owner of Alchemy of Vision and Light Productions which is consistently holding this workshop for 5years now. Congrats! Padayon!

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  1. I hope that you will be able to grinlit ur planned films… Ur aspiration reflects those of your fellow Mindanoan film maker, we so much story to tell here in Mindanao… ISULONG!

  2. By the way i would like to ask permission to copy the Guerilla 5 promo poster. Thanks

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