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Right Brain vs Left Brain

spinning.gifTHE Right Brain vs Left Brain test … do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Look at the dancer and decide which way she’s spinning. Got it?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. If you think she’s going clockwise, you’re apparently right-brain dominant (imaginative, philosophical, touchy-feely, impetuous);

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it, if you see her going counter-clockwise, you’re left-brain dominant (logical, practical, detail-oriented, safe).

If, like us, you are able to alternate views to see her going in both directions, then you’re just a plain old genius.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Using this test you will know who the person you are. In this test it really tells me i’m more of right brain.

YOU? Right brain or Left brain?

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  1. Jun Jun

    i tried to look for anti-clockwise…. i still failed. hehehe.

  2. i insist, she’s going clockwise. does she really goes counter-clockwise? it takes me several minutes but i see her going clockwise ONLY .. whew! hehehehe..

  3. is this test for real? because the dancer keeps on alternating between rotating clockwise and counterclockwise…

  4. olea olea

    heck yeah…i saw both.. at the first glance i saw it moving clockwise, then it moving anti clockwise, and then it moving clockwise again! wow!

  5. Jun Jun

    yes.. i see both. whew! so im now a genius? lols!

  6. leo leo

    what i am suppose to see here? :) it’s moving clockwise and counter clockwise alternately. is it just a trick or what? hehe

  7. Jun Jun

    @ leo – yah a trick trying to fool your brain. hehe.

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