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The Tausug People

Curious about what the Tausugs of this generation? is there a Tausug Gagandilan left in this generation?

Tausug is amongst the bravest specimen in the history of humanity along with the Spartans, Vietnamese and Gurkhas.

Tausug is one of the 13th tribes that composes Bangsamoro or Moro Nation. I’m curious about the Tausug since we have different language and detached from mainland Mindanao. I always dream of traveling in Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-tawi and nearby islands. As much as i want to learn about the history of the Moro people you can’t take out the Tausugs.

I wonder if the division of the liberation front of Moro are divided by MNLF = Tausugs and MILF = Maguindanaw and Meranao. Is this just a myth? I hope and pray that in the years to come the Moro people will be again united as a Muslim and one Moro Nation. I believe we are just divided because of this politics and election. One day MNLF and MILF will be united. Inshallah.

Resurrection of the glorious past of the Tausug people is the resurrection of the Bangsamoro. The pain and struggle of the Tausug people is also our pain back here in mainland Mindanao. I belong to Meranao and some of my friends back in Mindanao State University – Main Campus, Marawi City is a proud Tausug. We share same sentiments to forward the struggle of the Moro people.

With all curiosities and questions in my mind i want to know more about the Tausug. Lispeta a book writer who wrote about Tausugs has this comments to share in Tausug Islam Yahoogroups – . I posted in my other blog to share her views.

You can also post your views here.

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  1. Yes, we Tausugs are still here and still fighting :)

    (Wow it took 5 years before a Tausug replied here hehe)

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