My PageRank is higher!

While the blogosphere is whining about the Googles crackdown or jihad on Link Farm and Link Text Ads and many bloggers lost their Google PageRank. In my case this blog just jump from PR0 to PR4 and my other blog – Tech.MoroBlog and Paradise Philippines from PR0 to PR3. whew! I’m so happy with this new development on my blog. In just few months i already have a PR. I’m hoping to get a PR5 or PR6 in the coming months. *i’m dreaming*

I want the design below. If you want a t-shirt like that just go check Dom’s site –


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  1. Galing naman.. You’re also doing good on the bayanihan seo contest congratz! Update mo naman ako sa SEO/SEM scene jan. I’m still here in Manila pa kasi..

  2. @ cool_iceman – how? content is king and with link building. good content will be a link bait. and yes all those are free.

    @ Eric John – oi bai! musta na? never heard from you for the longest time. hehe. napansin mo pala bayanihan seo contest… thanks bai. gimme a link naman for my entry so i can maintain my status till the end of the contest. kailan ka balik davao?

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