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Comelec Commissioner Moslemen T. Macarambon Sr. Photos

I know everyone in the media wondering who is Moslemen T. Macarambon? Maybe some pictures will help.

Heres some pictures of my dad. To enlarge just click the images. Please give credit the source, a link back to this page is very well appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. nukeguy nukeguy

    congrats! XD bay kanduri nimo dira!?!?!?!? hatagi kog shell account! waaaaaaah! i accept donations… lol oist pagtarung na dira oi! commissioner na imong papa. :p

  2. Jun Jun

    @ nukeguy – Congrats to my father. :) Ga tinarung bya ko nganong wala nako anang mga shell account og unsa bah. hehe.

  3. nastee macarambon amaikurut nastee macarambon amaikurut

    congratulation to my uncle, comelec commissioner moslemen macarambon sr.we are very proud of you,we believed that you deserve the position of bieng a commissioner….MABUHAY KA!

  4. nukeguy nukeguy

    aw maayo. sige nalang. lol unsa d i imong buhat ron? :/

  5. bly bly

    hi sir, im a reporter from manila. we were hoping to get in touch sana with your dad if you can kindly link us? kindly contact me through the email i gave so i can contact you via phone asap. thanks!

  6. bly bly

    kindly contact me asap if possible cos i tried checking your contact page and there’s no contact number or email address there. thank u very much.

  7. eve peña eve peña

    congratulations to your dad on his appt. as comelec commissioner. when i read that he was recommended by cj hilario davide, i know in my heart your dad is a good man. cj davide is tops on my list of favorite people.
    tell your dad to ignore sen. lacson’s comments. what is his basis for saying those allegations? nothing..your dad’s record as judge will bear him out.(read his bio in the inquirer)
    more power to your dad, and may he bring back the glory and integrity of comelec!

  8. Jun Jun

    @ bly – just updated my contact page.

    @ eve peña – thank you for the kind words. my dad will be an asset of Comelec. I believe he will do everything in his capacity as a commissioner to resurrect the integrity of the comelec.

  9. ulysses ulysses

    congratulations commissioner moslemen “boni” macarambon, sr. a person like him really deserves such position in the government. he is a man of great culture, refinement, and a man of honot. integrity has always been his first priority. with his professional qualifications, judicial temperament and wealth of experience as rtc judge prior to his latest appointment, i can say without exaggeration that he is unquestionably well qualified and the right man for the said position. honesty, integrity, sincerity, hardworking are the words associated with his name. i hope he will receive a fair and civil confirmation process. congratulations to you commissioner bonie macarambon.

  10. Congratulations to our newly appointed COMELEC Commissioner Moslemen T. Macarambon Sr. Very well deserved, dedicated public servant, decent and a good family man.



  12. jan jan

    Commissioner Macarambon truly deserves to be at the comelec, muslim or not, recommended or not by Davide.. He applied for it for he knows that his more than QUALIFIED for the post. His record as a former law practitioner and a trial judge speaks for itself. To the critics, please give him the benifit of the doubt. Congratulations, more power, and Good Luck, Commissioner…

  13. Sir :
    Congrats to your dad’s appointment as comelec commissioner! Let’s be clear on this issue. Only a handful are questioning the qualifications of your dad but the overwhelming majority are questioning the manner at which your dad was selected/appointed.
    Bert C. po.

  14. kirsty m. reyes kirsty m. reyes

    Hi! it is so nice that a certain judge, and a muslim was appointed as COMELEC chair, its about time, a muslim be posted at a higher gov’t position, honestly i admire muslim, i knew a handful of them, personally.. . one adel tamano is also a great muslim i admired.
    i believed your dad is a good choice, i hope he’ll pass on the Appointment committee with out hassle.I heard him over the radio (dzmm) he seem straightforward, hope his true to his words. congartulations!

  15. Abul Badio Hadji Ibrahim Abul Badio Hadji Ibrahim

    We the mambers of Tarakanians herein Jeddah proudly congratulate Our Maranao Muslim legendary Judge as Comelec Commissioner. We lauded the extreme and thorough selection of President GMA to our Muslim veteran lawyer in Mindanao as member in highest position in government as commissioner on Commission on Election. Judge Macarambon is more than qualified as commissioner based on his track record as Iligan City judge for 30 years. He has great integrity, credibility, honest, and straightforward to his service as RTC judge for around three decades. The length of his service as RTC judge completely proved that he is more qualified in the said position.

    Sir, please prove your integrity in order that your staunch critic will salute you in near future. Let them witness your ways of reforms in the office of Commission on Election.

    We are very proud of you Sir. Mabuhay Ka!!! More power to you in the years to come.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tarakanians International
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  16. omar omar

    I’m not saying that your father is not deserving because he is qualified according to the 1987 constitution but i believe that president Arroyo could have chosen someone better qualified for the job rather than a mere RTC judge of a small municipality like Malabang.

    If i remember correctly, Judge Macarambon together with the Balindong family were the reason why the Land Bank branch in Malabang was closed a few years back. The municipality was en route to progress by being the only municipality in Lanao del Sur with a bank but their actions forced the branch to close down.

    Just my 2 cents. But in the spirit of camaraderie in the Maranao race, Congratulations! May you prove yourself worthy in your 7-year stay as Comelec Commissioner.

  17. m. macarambon m. macarambon

    sir gud day to you;i hope that you are the man,the right guy for that position,i know your capacity,your cridibility as a presiding judge of iligan city in many years, ahardworking judge ang all your brelliant ideas, we hope that the images of comelec will be change…………..congratulations…. keep up the good work…………..
    by the way nagkamali si sen. lacson …….
    from cristian community


    thanks for posting comissioner macarambon’s pic.. we hav a news item of him re: the oathtaking this morning of comm. mnarambon, and since we were not able to cover the event we need to reseach any of his pic for video support. thanks!

  19. Aiman Casim Badio Aiman Casim Badio

    This day (Nov. 5, 2007) doused all the negative issues of newly appointed commissioner as his staunch critics can’t do anything but to watch every single action of the new commissioner as this day is his first day on his job as the poll body’s newest commissioner. Starting this day, he would prove his worthy of positive images as revealed in media by his loyal supporters.

    But being as one individual, I do believe that commissioner Macarambon can work strategically to reform the poll body based on his length of service for around three decades as RTC judge in Iligan City and other areas or communities handled many election protest cases as a judge. His long experience in the field of judiciary can speaks on itself and proved to easily handle the tasks of commissioner.

    Let us join the ship of Commissioner Macarambon to help him reach the journey of complete faith and prove to Filipino people that his general goal is to reform the poll body. Ameen.

    Mabuhay Ka!

    Aiman Casim Badio
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  20. Sahria Lawi-Macabalang Sahria Lawi-Macabalang

    ALHAMDULILLAH! Ditractors did’nt prevail.
    Allah is indeed on the side of our pride – Commissioner Moslemen Macarambon.
    The news of his appointment as new COMELEC Commissioner was overwhelming. I couldn’t help but jump with joy and pride that finally, a fellow Saguiaranian and a relative of mine is heading his way to one of the most vital offices in the Philipines, the COMELEC.
    Needless to say, he is indeed a man of honor and wisdom. I believe that he is truly the man that COMELEC needs. InshaAllah, he is an asset NOT A LIABILITY to the office. To those people who have doubts in his capacity to serve the COMELEC, back off!
    To Commissioner Macarambon, Sir, we are proud of you. May Allah bless you.

  21. Amidst the noise made by his critics I couldn’t help to shed tears for the man who had been a part of what I am and what I have now. I will leave to the people to gather informations about his credibility, because if such praises would be uttered by us, people might think that we are only pulling up our own chair. Judge Moslemen T. Macarambon is my uncle, he is the younger brother of my mother Hajja Sittie Saripa Macarambon Amaikurut. At an early age, I’ve lost my father…Uncle BONNIE (as we fond of calling him in that name) never abandoned his sister to support her six children. My mom was left unexperienced by my late father Hajji Abdullah Naga Menor Amaikurut (may his soul rest in peace)to handle our own small business which eventually broke down. Wondering where could my mom get support for my college education, Uncle Bonnie was always there to give his helping hand. He sent me to one of the prestigious universities in Manila, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS, and put me in a well-paid ladies dormitory. I am now a successful Medical Technologist based here in Riyadh,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For my 19 years in the kingdom, Uncle Bonnie never asked personally from me, NOT EVEN ONCE, a single gift or “pasalubong” as hint to repay all what he had done to me. I used to bring him (of course) beautiful gifts everytime I go home. He would humbly accept it but shared me always with a piece of advice- to instead save my earnings for my family. He helps but never expects in return.
    I am very proud of him. I pray he would be continued bless by our ALMIGHTY ALLAH.


    it is by what we ourselves have done,and not by what others have done for us, that we shall be remembered in after ages,as a gentleman you personally applied for in malacanang!!!and no politician got involved, your credential became the proof of what you are now,, commissioner; it is time to break through the barriers that have held you back( supreme court)and held you down for such a long time and agony untill now// ALLAH HO AKBAR for keeping the spirits of saguiaranian always high and ALHAMDULILLAH i am in that spirit… SAGUIARANIANS(MADINAH CHAP}

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