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Son of Comelec Commissioner

My dad – Comelec Commissioner Moslemen T. Macarambon Sr. a former RTC Judge in Iligan City who is been serving the Judiciary for over 30years. He is just appointed to one of the two vacancies at the Commission on Elections (Comelec). It’s reported in Philippine Star.

He’s appoinment was been in buzzing since January this year. But his appointment was delayed because of the upcoming National Election last May. I believe it was delayed because the time of his appointment to avoid election issues like what the Manila Star reported – Militant groups warn of new appointments to Comelec.

MALACAÑANG is bent on appointing a new “Virgilio Garcillano” in the Commission on Elections to rig the midterm election in May, a party-list representative said Wednesday.

After reading this news i was sort of emotional and pissed of. The statement came from militant group Akbayan’s Risa Hontiveros. I almost blog about it to defend my dad but i just keep silent since my dad is not yet appointed and i believe my dad is a good man and public servant. The message of Akbayan’s Risa Hontiveros and her group was unfair and not just. Does she knows my Dad well? Does she and her group knows that he is the fiercest and the most feared Judge in Lanao Province because of his integrity and his case decision is not for sale. He also garnered some awards like one of the Most Outstanding Judges in Philippines. I bet NOT she doesn’t know about this!

Now all election is over from National Election and Brgy/SK Election i think this is the right and due time to appoint him.

My mom and dad just call me this early morning informing me about the appointment. I received another reminders to be good and my responsibilities being a son of Comelec Commissioner. I should be careful on my actions to avoid issues that will reflect on my Dad’s image since we also have the same name. Yeah i’m a prodigal son being struggling to keep up the standard and achievements of my dad. Now he is a Comelec Commissioner the pressure is more on me to be a good son. I’m proud of my Dad and i really do appreciate all the things he’s done for me since my birth until now.

I believe he deserve the post of Comelec Commissioner and he has the integrity to restore the people’s trust in the poll body.

Congrats dad! Being your son and namesake i was so proud of you and i’m ashamed i can’t keep up with you. In some ways or another i will do best in my field of endeavor and someday i will make you more proud as your son.

Updates: i’m getting emails about my dad’s appointment. Searching in Google and other major search engine will really lead you here. oh yeah… i’m into SEO. :)

  • I’m still trying to get a copy of my dad CV’s. It will be posted here if it will be available.
  • I’m still getting permission if its permissible to give out to the public his contact number for interview. Theres so many queries and probably all questions are the same like his comment and reaction about his appointment. So if you have some specific questions drop a comment in this post and i’ll try to ask him in his busy schedules today. I will update this blog post time to time.

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  1. Hi! I’m Veronica Uy, a reporter of May I get a copy of your father’s CV and if possible a contact number where I may interview him? I’d like his reaction on the appointment. Thank you very much! :)

  2. Jun Jun

    @ Veronica Uy – I don’t have a copy of my father’s CV. I’ll ask him about the the CV and the contact number if he’s available for comment and reaction about the appointment. Thanks :)

  3. Hi! I’m Ge-Ann Pineda, ABC5. Just like my colleague Veronica, we’d like to ask for a copy of your Dad’s CV, or any contact number to get his reaction on the appointment.

    aside from my yahoo account, you can also email me at [email protected] or [email protected].

    my cellphone number is 0918-9073126

    Thank you very much and congratulations to your dad :)

  4. Congrats ulit! :)

  5. Hi Jun, it’s me again, GE-ANN.
    Just wondering if i can lift some of your statements here in your blog, and use it for the newscast as your response to Akbayan’s statement. Thank YOu very much!:)

  6. Jun Jun

    @ Ge-Ann Pineda – As much as i want to post my Dad’s contact number i still has no permission from him if it’s permissible to post it online. Yes you can lift it but before it’s published let me first read it for go signal. I don’t want to get misquoted. Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Ederic – Thanks bai!

  7. Brader Jun!

    Congrats congrats sa Dad mo!

    Sabi nga sa spiderman “great power comes with great responsiblity”

    I hope your dad becomes an instrument in changing the Comelec! And i feel he will!

  8. Jun :) My cell is 0918-9414187. May I get yours? :)

  9. Thank you very much jun.
    i intend to lift this part of your blog, if it’s ok.

    “i believe my dad is a good man and public servant. The message of Akbayan’s Risa Hontiveros and her group was unfair and not just. Does she knows my Dad well? Does she and her group knows that he is the fiercest and the most feared Judge in Lanao Province because of his integrity and his case decision is not for sale. He also garnered some awards like one of the Most Outstanding Judges in Philippines.”

    Please, let me know if you approve of this. Thanks :) by the way you can text me also at the number i gave you earlier :)if your dad will allow that his number be given to me :) more power!

  10. Jun Jun

    @ MiGs – Thanks bai. I believe in my dad’s capabilities. For sure he will be a catalyst of change and for the better of the polls body.

    @ Veronica Uy – My cell is 09155532459.

    @ Ge-Ann Pineda – Please also state that my reaction was about the statement of Risa Hontiveros around January – this is the article

    I still have no permission to give out my Dad’s number. Sorry.

  11. Jun Jun

    @ Ge-Ann Pineda – Your very welcome. :)

  12. congrats! pwede kanang maglagay ng backlink from the comelec website hehehehe

  13. Congratulations to your Dad!

    And i bet he is as proud of being your dad as you are proud of being his son.

    Sabi nga nila di magbubunga ang punong santol ng mangga diba?

  14. Congratulations to your dad Jun! I hope he proves his critics wrong.

  15. John Consulta John Consulta

    Hi. I’m John Consulta, reporter of GMA7 News. I would also like to ask permission for your dad’s contact number. We’re doing a story about his appointment as Comelec commissioner. Would appreciate big time if you could text me at 0918-8236206. Thanks and good day!

  16. Jun Jun

    @ Alfredo – Thanks bai. Ok lang kung ako hahawak sa server ng comelec. hehe.

    @ AYEZA – Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Ria Jose – Thanks. Yeah my dad will prove his critics wrong and as my dad says on one interview – “Give me the benefit of doubt”.

    @ John Consulta – As of the moment i don’t have my Dad’s permission to give his contact number to anyone. I’m sorry. Theres so many asking for his credential and other information. By the way theres also another reporter from GMA News – Ralph Guzman message me in friendster account also asking the same question.

  17. Hi Jun,

    I’ve read reports saying your dad was mentioned in the Hello Garci tape.

    Is he the same person as Renault or Lou Macarambon?

    Kindly clarify this.

    Salamat. :)

  18. Jun Jun

    @ Julian Alejandro – NO! Renault or Lou is different. My dad is not in the hello garci tape. I hope this clarify. Thanks for asking.

  19. Hi Jun, congrats to your dad and your family! My advice is prepare yourself for all the ups and downs of having a dad who’s always in the limelight. Be strong my friend!

  20. Jun Jun

    @ Andrew – Thanks for advice. I’ll keep that in mind.

  21. ysmael ysmael

    sa mga reportr n ngba2sa d2 sa blog ng aking tito jun:

    sna maisulat nyo sa nyong mga newspaper n di kamg.anak ni ex.congresman benasing macarambon c judge moslemen macarambon (as speculated by some people). benasing comes from balindong wc is in the 2nd district of lanao del sur while judge macarambon is from saguiaran (1st district). these two have no bloodties whatsoever. ngkataon lng n pareho cla ng apelydo..

  22. Congrats Jun to you and your Family for your Dad’s Appointment! :D

  23. i don’t know your father, i just based my judgment from your description… we need someone like him…

    allen (Hong Kong)

  24. Nico Torres Nico Torres

    Congrats Jun! I really feel for you and your family and how I really despise some of the oportunistic leftist group which are again riding on the bandwagon to dicredit your father. I mean really, what can you expect from someone like Ms. Hontiveros? She’s actually doing more harm than good. I do hope that the new commisioner prove them wrong. But then again your father can only do so much. Everyone should do their part in helping to clean the election process. I suggest to everyone that instead of the useless political bickering, let’s just help the commisioner in his fight for the right… and hopefully in our lifetime, we’d be able to install someone that has the moral ascedancy to lead the people.

  25. is this the one we are looking to a comelec commissioner with honesty and integrity? Commissioner Macarambon just prove it to us! We will watching you!

    We hope that you can change the stained reputation of comelec with honor and integrity.


    from concern citizen…

  26. what criticism&&& if im right he is from saguiaran(AL BAB)so malacanang select the best of all people coming from this place have BAraka at all times thy are pious the gate of two lanaos, so in the senate thy are crying starting crying now because it was coming from malacanang that is their prime duty to cry and cry thy called themselves the CRYING CHAMBER long live saguiranians and keep the spirit always high….

  27. Wanted: Comelec Commissioner Qualifications:
    – Administration or Opposition doesn’t matter
    – With Integrity
    – Honest And Responsible


    Hope that he will be the one that will change Comelec from its reputation as the “magician of ballots.”, which was made during the time of Abalos.

    Hope the cheating scandal in Comelec would end under your father’s administration.

    We will be watching you too!

    Good luck to your father!


    By the way, you can add me to your friendster : my e-mail is [email protected].

  28. sheia sheia

    still doubtful. lets jst see. we have seen alot of people saying the same thing who has position in the gov. to see is to believe.

  29. on your father’s appointment, well, i wish him luck… and hope he is neither a garci, bedol, abalos, and so on (which would further sully the name of an already untrustworthy institution).

    on a completely unrelated note, i’m amused that mainstream media are pursuing cyberspace leads in a fairly, shall we say, lazy way (like comment #1). no offense meant to ms. uy, but couldn’t the media get such data themselves without having to ask jun?

    and jun, SEO-wise, i’m sure this page will shoot through the roof. heh heh.

  30. Harry Potter Harry Potter

    congrats to your DAD and family as well, hope we see a good leadership in him. :)

    i enjoy reading their comments. a political blog.

  31. RVS Hong Kong RVS Hong Kong

    I hope your description of your dad is true. We need someone like that. However, as you probably know, PGMA has corrupted so many known people of integrity. If ever he gets confirmed by the CA, I hope he lives up to his reputation and doesn’t let anyone use him and be like garci and bedol.

  32. mon pacio mon pacio

    The appointment of your DAD is the answer of the 1986 Peace Agreement, Sen. Lacson was so apprehensive because he personally doesn’t like the moro to be in the mainstream of the of the gov’t. Thanks GMA that she feels the sentiments of the MORO People. I hope and pray and I am very sure that your dad will be a great asset to the COMELEC. Thanks

  33. jm_mkt devt corp. jm_mkt devt corp.

    I believe ur father is a good and more credible man. I cannot say if he is better than Abalos or not coz I judge not that I will not be judged too, ika nga. My only concern is thatI believe ur father has the necessary software to operate the COMELEC efficiently but he needs more some updated antivirus to clean the corrupted hardware and a strong processor to clean up the log jam.
    I was once a student at MSU-IIT and MSU-Marawi and I can always hear the good name of Tamanos’ and Macarambons’ (T&M). I was one of the students who organized the supposed ecumenical prayer rally commemorating the death of Ninoy Aquino and Sultan Al-Rashid Lukman last August 21, 1984 at MSU-Marawi. But it didn’t pushed through (nagkagulo lang) because before we can start my friends and I were already picked up by “men in uniform” and brought us to Camp Amai-Pakapak (Mr. & Mrs. September 7, 1984). It was during the visit of late bishop Tudtod (died in a Plane crash) at the said camp that we were informed not to worry because there were some good and influential persons that support our good cause. One of the mentioned name was T&M. I was then cleared but placed under the custody of a French missionary priest. After that incident I transferred to other universities. I ended up at DLSU, Mla and graduated but promise to my “ japanese sponsor” NO to politics anymore. I’m back in Mindanao doing some research now in the gov’t and help some private corporation in my simple way but I always cherish those name T&M. I haven’t met them personally but the sweetest things here they do not know that they saved my life once.
    PGMA took the risk but has a valid reason why she appoints your father.

  34. Congrats sa dad mo Jun and to your family.

    OT: Sana isang backlink lang sa inquirer at gmanews sa entry/blog mo, okay na.. heheh :)

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