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I’m now a Pro-Blogger!

I now have the right to call myself a professional blogger. w00t! Thanks to PayPal, its now easy to received payment and ReviewMe. The payment is not big -yet but soon it will. Theres more opportunities in Internet particularly blogging. It’s more far easy to write articles than coding and doing full web development.

I’m now cooking more blog site in my small lab back in my boarding house. Some sample niche blog i’m interested and soon to be launch website – Anime Flick Network and Mindanao Film. I’ve many anime fansub collection in my harddrive and i’m also a wannabe Filmmaker. More blog site coming up!


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  1. hi! congrats pro blogger. I too discovered that I can be paid doing what I love which is writing. Since my Google PageRAnk became 3/10, more opportunities came to me. I also just received my first money thru paypal via EPCI. I am a nurse from Davao city now base in Makati. Before I was connected to SPC.. Do try to visit my blog and see more site that are looking for blogger like PayPerPost, SponsoredReview, Smorty and a lot more! I miz Davao!

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