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National Union of Students of the Philippines at 50years

As one of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) Alumni I can’t help but remember the days i’ve been working with NUSP particularly in Lanao and Western Mindanao and days when educating, mobilizing and organizing the studentry in my hometown. I’m looking forward for another 50years of NUSP in service to the student.

The NUSP is a national alliance of student councils/unions/governments. It was established in 1957, and it is a patriotic, democratic and progressive alliance of student leaders that upholds and defends the rights and welfare of the Filipino students. As the Philippines’ prime student center, NUSP unites all students in the country through their mandated representative student councils, governments and unions in the struggle for the fundamental right to education.

This coming December 1 i can’t wait to meet fellow NUSP Alumni in Cebu. NUSP – 50years of service. 50years of student unionism.

NUSP Roster of Presidents and Historical Notes:

NUSP’s founding congress was held in 1958. However, essentially speaking, the union was established in 1957 by five founding schools: the University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, San Beda College, St. Theresa’s College and Ateneo de Manila University.

1958-59 – Artemio Panganiban (founding President) Far Eastern University
1959-60 – Raul Paredes, succeeded by Pedro M. Guidote, JR. (University of Sto.Tomas)
1960-61 – Raul S. Roco* (San Beda College)
1961-62 – Evergisto G. Macatulad (FEU)
1962-63 – Augusto A. Kimpo* (FEU)
1963-64 – Oscar L. Contreras, Jr.* (SBC)
1964-65 – Vicente Valdellon, Jr. (Ateneo de Manila University)
1965-66 – Macapanton Abbas, Jr.* (University of the Philippines)
1966-67 – Ramon Sto. Domingo (FEU), Mervyn G. Encanto*
1967-68 – Ronaldo V. Puno (AdMU)
1968-69 – Fluellen Ortigas (AdMU) ??
1969-70 – Edgar M. Jopson* (AdMU)
1970-71 – Edgar M. Jopson** (AdMU)

During the dark period of martial law, student councils, organizations, and publications were closed down. The NUSP was essentially dissolved because of this.

In 1984, the NUSP revival congress was held from September 7-10. It took the theme: “Build NUSP Towards a Unified Response and Collective Action for Freedom and Democracy.”

1984-85 – Hernani A. Braganza (De La Salle University) succeeded by Mario Solis (University of the East)
1985-86 – Mario Solis (UE) succeeded by Ralph Dulay (Trinity College)
1986-87 – Ralph Dulay (Trinity College)
1987-88 – Lorenzo R. Tañada III (Manuel Luis Quezon University)
1988-89 – Lorenzo R. Tañada III (MLQU) succeeded by Michael T. Defensor (UP Diliman)
1989-90 – Michael T. Defensor (UP Diliman)
1990-91 – Dennis L. Cunanan (UP Diliman)
1991-92 – Dennis L. Cunanan (UP Diliman)
1992-93 – Sahlee Cariño (UP Diliman)
1993-94 – Sahlee Cariño (UP Diliman)
1994-95 – Melody Mallari (UE), succeeded by Amirah Ali Lidasan (UP Diliman)
1995-96 – Rogelio Reyes (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
1996-97 – Rogelio Reyes (PUP)
1997-98 – Dennis Maga (Philippine School of Business Administration)
1998-99 – Sheila Omaña (PUP)
1999-2000 – Cristina E. Palabay (UP Diliman)
2000-2001 – Cristina E. Palabay (UP Diliman)
2001-03*** – Raymond V. Palatino (UP Diliman)
2003-05 – Rizzalyn O. Ramirez (UP Manila)
2005-07 – Marco M. Delos Reyes (UP Diliman)

** Edgar Jopson was the first NUSP president to be elected to a second term
***the two-year term started during the term of Raymond Palatino as a result of amendments to the constitution. The first national student convention was held in 2002 instead of the annual congress. The national student congress, during which the election of the National Executive Board takes place, has been held every two years since 2001.

NUSP Alumni kitakits sa Cebu City!

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  1. Nicolas J. Gomez, Jr. Nicolas J. Gomez, Jr.

    Ray Millan of Notre Dame University in Cotabato City was elected NUSP President during the NUSP Convention in Cotabato City in 1971. I was elected Vice President. I represented University of Santo Tomas. Because of Martial Law, NUSP failed to hold its convention in 1972. I decided to study law at the Ateneo De Manila and placed 10th in the 1977 Bar Exam. I still am in contact with Ray Millan who is now based in Davao City. I have lost contact with the rest of my NUSP contemporaries. I now practice law in California. When and where is the next NUSP Convention or alumni reunion? I am very much interested to attend

  2. Jc Sibayan Jc Sibayan

    Hello po sa mga NUSP Alumni! ilike po sa fb ang “National Union of Students of the Philippines” (kumpleto) follow sa twitter @nusphilippines at sa instagram at nusphilippines :) email: [email protected]. Ako po si JC! National Secretariat ng NUSP dati pong VP Internal ng PNU Student Government :)

  3. Ralph Dulay Ralph Dulay

    Ralph Dulay was chairman after Nani Braganza in 1985 and he is from PSBA Manila as erroneously printed

  4. Luz Ramil Luz Ramil

    Vicente Romero Valdellon, jr. , President NUS 1964-65, recently went to heaven. I am Luz Romero Ramil, his cousin, lives in Maui, Hawaii. My husband, Atty. Antonio V. Ramil, U.P. grad. 1965, met “Tito” at NUS in Baguio in 1964.

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