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Blogging in defense of my Father

Being the eldest son and namesake i can’t help but react and defend my father – Comelec Commissioner Moslemen T. Macarambon Sr. against his critics. This past days has been emotionally stressing.

I tried to be silent and let my dad do the PR for himself but i can’t help it when in blogosphere where wrong information is circulating against my dad. I’m an active blogger particularly here in Davao with The Usual Suspects and it’s natural for me to post counteract blog posts here in my personal blog in defense of my Father.

Heres some facts about my dad:

  • Never been a gubernatorial candidate in Lanao. I believe they are talking about the former Congressman Benasing “Jun” Macarambon Jr. who run last election for Governor in Lanao del Sur. Some reporters or correspondents is so damn lazy and unprofessional that they can’t even verify facts. Heres sample news of ABS-CBN Interactive:

Muslims laud Macarambon’s appointment
A Muslim judge and a former gubernatorial candidate in Mindanao province on Saturday lauded the appointment of Moslemen Macarambon Sr. to the Commission on Elections.

So checking Technorati Listing who blog about “Moslemen Macarambon” and some bloggers picked up the story and posted in their blog. So bloggers believe the story is true? It so sad wrong information is circulating in blogosphere. Hope they correct their article.

  • He has no son named Ambrosi nor i have a brother named Ambrosi. Check my About page for the list of my brothers and sisters. Regarding the Trans-Asia case of my father and the so called son? This one of the issue trying to question the integrity of my father. If you are booked or reserved ahead many days before your scheduled flight and suddenly the day of your flight you are transfered or even not accommodated justly, i believe it’s normal for a human to get mad and assert his/her right for just accommodation. If you are just an ordinary citizen some service provider will fail to show respect and good service compare to some more known and celebrities. My father is just a human being like all of us. Don’t you get mad sometimes when you are not treated well by the service provider?
  • My father is never a protégé of former election official Virgilio Garcillano. Some news they report they are classmate and frat brods as claimed by Ping Lacson. Yes they maybe a frat brod but NOT classmate. Garci is ahead of 13years seniors from my dad. Is it logical if you have the same fraternity you know each other personally? i’m also a fratman and i don’t know all and each of one members of my fraternity Tau Gamma Phi (Triskelion) chapter – Mindanao State University – Marawi City and even here in Davao city where i currently stay i don’t know all my brods and sis here.


If you check comments in this blog theres more positive response compare to negative one’s. It doesn’t mean i filter or edit the comments in my blog. My blog is open for criticism and suggestions.

Newly-appointed Commission on Elections Commissioner Moslemen Macarambon Sr listens during his first en banc hearing Tuesday. GMANews.TV

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  1. The truth will always speak for itself Wyze. Your father is lucky to have you as a defender of his name.

  2. Jun Jun

    @ sarah matalam – yes truth will speak for itself. The rest, i will leave it to my father when he will meet CA. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I never heard anything bad about your dad. Just be steadfast in the coming days now that he is in the limelight…

  4. Bring it on. You got my back Jun.

  5. Jun Jun

    @ inkblots – i will. thanks :)

    @ Andrew – Thanks for lending your back. Somehow i don’t feel alone.

  6. Hi Jun. Hang in there. I think when the dust settles down, everyone will realize the truth and how they misunderstood the issue. We have an iBlog Mini forum on November 28 on how bloggers can play a role in the 2010 elections. We will invite him.

  7. Jun Jun

    @ Janette Toral – Thanks for dropping by. who you gonna invite?

  8. Hi Jun. I got confused. I meant November 24 pala.

  9. Jun Jun

    @ Janette Toral – ok. keep me posted. thanks.

  10. a son is but an extension of the father. the way your father brought you up ,speaks a lot about him, and he brought you up good, therefore your father is a good person. so dont worry about ping lacson, he’s an asshole.
    btw, most macarambons i knew here in Cebu (those in the medical field) are mostly nice and good persons.

  11. Hi Onyot, one of your dad’s friends says hindi nawawala sa ibang tao ang crab mentality, alam mo ‘yon…some people intentionally wants to pull you down but always remember the saying…YOU JUST CANNOT PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN!
    Take care always,
    Ate Pla

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