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I signed up for PPP!

I’ve been blogging for many years from now and the only thing i know how to monitize a blog is thru Google AdSense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, Text Link Ads and other contextual ads. Up to until now i’m looking for alternative and good source of income. Doing web development is a pain and maybe trying to venture into writing and blogging may help and save me from gruelling hours of coding and programming and designing.

I ask my blogger friends what’s one of their top generating income? one of them says . PayPerPost makes her dream come true like traveling to Hong Kong with her husband. She is a fulltime blogger or a professional blogger. She boast to me “What blogging bought for me? a 2way ticket for 2 in Hong Kong”. She is earning around or more than $1,000 USD/month in her freelance writing on blogs. Ain’t that cool?

I’ve been hearing and all the buzz about PPP but for this past years ignoring them but here i am now just signed up. I’m just wondering if i can also copy and be a successful like my professional bloggers friends. I’m too lazy to apply for a blue collar job and i like it more being a blogger so i can just stay at home infront of my PC blogging.

I have some unused blogs which been there wasting time and un-monitized. This list of my blogs has Google PageRank 5. Maybe i’m just to lazy and not able to monitized it. If i’m aggressive enough i can sell a TLA for a PR5 site. So i’m thinking of resurrecting this blog and make some money out of it. I’ll register more blogs in PPP. I’m trying my luck and lets see what PPP can offer.

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  1. please help me monetize website, i already signed up for google adsense and i have the code, i dont know how to post it on the site. cheers dude

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