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Month: September 2013

Trying to be a Blogger cum writer again

If you see my last blog post – My usual snacks at McDonald’s, its dated last November 9, 2007. AWOL for almost 6years. Whew! Many things happen between this years.

Actually my last post on this blog was around 2010, but because my server crashed then i lost all my posts/contents. I tried to recover all my posts/contents but my latest backup on my PC desktop was around 2007. This is one of the saddest part of life as a blogger. All those years of writing and blogging was gone! When i can’t recover my data, I was so depressed  and i lost my stream to write for my blogs & websites.

I’ve learned the hard way, that i should always do backup once in awhile. Maintaining several blogs/websites is a pain or laziness to do manual backup tasks. I’m thinking of writing a script to automatically download from my list of blogs/websites at cpanel servers.

Maintaining many blogs & websites is not an easy tasks. I need to find new interests and passion to start blogging again. Since i’m also a food blogger at Moro Foodie, i started a new niche blog like “Halal“,  a new passion and advocacy on top of my Bangsamoro advocacies related blogs & websites.

Halal Foods is a must for us Muslims, we should eat permissible foods or non-pork and it’s derivatives like Lard oil. I also then started a Halal Network to collaborate & synced all my Halal related websites like Halal Forums and Halal Philippines.

Maintaining all this sites is costly, since server hosting is not free. Hopefully in the coming months or after a year, the blogs will start to have revenues to sustain the costs & expenses. I miss the old days, my blogs sustain the lifestyle i wanted.

I’m now slowly regaining my strength to write again for my several niche blogs. Searching inspirations and ideas to sustain my will to be a blogger cum writer again.

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