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Author: Jun Macarambon

Trying to revive my blogs

It’s been loooong years. No update on this blog.

I’ve not been writing or blogging. I miss blogging and the freedom of sharing your opinions and what i enjoy.

This post will be short… I still don’t know what to share.

Though I’m slowly reviving some of my old niche blogs. Some blog will change domain names since i forgot to renew and i hate losing it. Depressing.

Reviving my blogs kinda reviving myself. Making myself more productive and enjoy life.

More post coming here and to my other blogs. Ciao!

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Hello Again!

I have a hard time to gain back the passion of writing and blogging again.

I will revive this – personal blog of mine. For a start, i will write anything in my mind until i also slowly reviving other niche blog i maintain like the following:

I have many blogs & websites in portfolio to revive & maintain. Again, HELLO! if you have any ideas, you can contact me here so I will have ideas what to write here. Waalaykumisalam. :)

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After many years of building website and also collecting domain names for future projects as an entrepreneur and also as a blogger.

I just received an email from LATHAM & WATKINS LLP a law firm who represents Entrepreneur Media, Inc. who runs the famous .

This is regarding the domain name i own, which i plan to develop: “” . I just snapped this domain from expired domain that was dropped few times before.

I’m planning in the near future to blog about Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurships since i’m also a former Entrepreneur major student of Ateneo de Davao University.

Are they “Entrepreneur Media” really own the trademark and the word “Entrepreneur”? so they own all domain name entrepreneur*.tld ?

Heres the document:

[scribd id=182264996 key=key-1cm9x6addk7xk4wtihja mode=scroll]

Should i reply to their email? What do you think guys i should do?

It’s sad that they can just intimidate using lawyers to a small blogger like me.

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Trying to be a Blogger cum writer again

If you see my last blog post – My usual snacks at McDonald’s, its dated last November 9, 2007. AWOL for almost 6years. Whew! Many things happen between this years.

Actually my last post on this blog was around 2010, but because my server crashed then i lost all my posts/contents. I tried to recover all my posts/contents but my latest backup on my PC desktop was around 2007. This is one of the saddest part of life as a blogger. All those years of writing and blogging was gone! When i can’t recover my data, I was so depressed  and i lost my stream to write for my blogs & websites.

I’ve learned the hard way, that i should always do backup once in awhile. Maintaining several blogs/websites is a pain or laziness to do manual backup tasks. I’m thinking of writing a script to automatically download from my list of blogs/websites at cpanel servers.

Maintaining many blogs & websites is not an easy tasks. I need to find new interests and passion to start blogging again. Since i’m also a food blogger at Moro Foodie, i started a new niche blog like “Halal“,  a new passion and advocacy on top of my Bangsamoro advocacies related blogs & websites.

Halal Foods is a must for us Muslims, we should eat permissible foods or non-pork and it’s derivatives like Lard oil. I also then started a Halal Network to collaborate & synced all my Halal related websites like Halal Forums and Halal Philippines.

Maintaining all this sites is costly, since server hosting is not free. Hopefully in the coming months or after a year, the blogs will start to have revenues to sustain the costs & expenses. I miss the old days, my blogs sustain the lifestyle i wanted.

I’m now slowly regaining my strength to write again for my several niche blogs. Searching inspirations and ideas to sustain my will to be a blogger cum writer again.

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My usual snacks at McDonald’s

This is the usual snacks when i drop by McDonald’s. More French Fries please! w00t! I think i like to start a new blog – a blog for foods and snacks. *evil grin*


Kaw ano snacks mo? Please post a photo. :)

Starting a new MEME. I’m tagging co- The Usual Suspects who is now going mobile!Andrew, Blogie, Dominic, Kim, Marc, Migs, Ria, and the newest member of the group Gwing and Winston.

It doesn’t need to be from McDonald’s. It can be your favorite snacks like at Mam Bebs Bakeshop and Refreshment Parlor or Fwendz Diner.


I signed up for PPP!

I’ve been blogging for many years from now and the only thing i know how to monitize a blog is thru Google AdSense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, Text Link Ads and other contextual ads. Up to until now i’m looking for alternative and good source of income. Doing web development is a pain and maybe trying to venture into writing and blogging may help and save me from gruelling hours of coding and programming and designing.